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1   Link   Bionic Man
2   Link   Brain Controls Artificial Arm
There is now hope for people who have lost an arm. A new technique can help them regain much of the function they had before. It involves surgery and an advanced type of artificial arm. VOA's Carol Pearson reports.

3   Link   Pistorius, disabile o uomo bionico?
il caso dell'atleta con le leve artificiali in gara con i "normodotati"
4   Link   B2B - BrainToBrain: A BCI Experiment - May 2009
This is a BCI experiment whereby one person uses BCI to transmit a series of digits over the internet to another person whos computer receives the digits and transmits them to the second users through flashing an LED array. The encoded information is extracted from the brain activity of the second user. This shows true brain-to-brain activity. This is done as a proof of concept - to show that B2B *is* possible - which it is, as we show here. The first person uses motor imagery to generate the digits and the flashing LEDS generate steady-state visual evoked potentials in the brain of the second person - the PCs read these data from the electroencephalograms of EEG person.

5   Link   Brain-Machine Interface Technology Enabling Control of a Robot by Human Thought Alone
Honda Research Institute Japan Co., Ltd. (HRI-JP), a subsidiary of Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) and Shimadzu Corporation have collaboratively developed the worlds first*1 Brain Machine Interface (BMI) technology that uses electroencephalography (EEG) and near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) along with newly developed information extraction technology to enable control of a robot by human thought alone. It does not require any physical movement such as pressing buttons. This technology will be further developed for the application to human-friendly products in the future by integrating it with intelligent technologies and/or robotic technologies.
6   Link   Playing the Game "Pong" with EEG
Neuroelectrical Imaging and BCI Lab (NEILab)
Fondazione Santa Lucia, Roma, Italy

In this movie, two subjects play the computer game "Pong" while 32 channels of scalp-recorded electroencephalo-graphic (EEG) activity are acquired from each subject. BCI2000 simultaneously processes the EEG signals from each subject, and extracts from each a control signal. These control signals are transmitted to an external application that translates them into the vertical position of the paddles.

7   Link   EEG controlled game by one
The electrical brain wave (EEG) from the visual area on the scalp was recorded and classified, making a direct communication channel between subject's brain and the computer program. The six virtual flashing buttons on top of the computer screen serves as a visual marker of brain wave.
Six flash squares represent turn left 3 times, turn left, shoot, shoot, turn right, turn right 3 times separately.
The experiment was conducted in the neural engineering lab at Tsinghua Unversity, Beijing, China

8   Link   Toyota mind controlled wheelchair
9   Link   Thought-controlled wheelchair in Japan
Researchers at Toyota and Japan's Riken have developed a brain-control system for a wheelchair. The system analyzes thought patterns and translates them into wheelchair movement in a fraction of a second. More videos at

10   Link   James May's Big ideas - Thought Controlled Wheelchair
James May in his BBC TV programme: "James May's Big Ideas" talks about thought controlled wheelchairs. This video introduces the field of BCI or Brain-Computer Interfacing.

11   Link   Evidence-Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback
12   Link   NTNU project uses neurofeedback to control an RC-helicopter
13   Link   What is neurofeedback?
14   Link   ADNC Neurofeedback Centre of BC
Offering High Quality Medical Diagnostics, Therapy, Education & Training
15   Link   Neurofeedback Training
Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback and neuro-biofeedback, works directly to train your brain to better regulate itself by learning to change the EEG or brainwave output from the brain.
16   Link   Brain Entrainment: Your First Step To Make Millions

Just like a fighter jet pilot needs to know how every button on his jet functions under every condition-you need to know how your brain works so you can have the operations manual for the most sophisticated apparatus in our entire universe. Master your brain, and the world becomes your oyster. Don't, and you become a victim of circumstance.

17   Link   The Age of Neuroelectronics
This is sometimes called the “Firefox” scenario, after the mediocre 1982 action flick Firefox, in which Clint Eastwood was ordered to steal a shiny new Soviet fighter jet specially rigged to read and obey the pilot’s mind so as to save him the milliseconds it would take to actually press buttons
18   Link   A.I.D.A. Ausili Informatici per Disabili
19   Link   Società Italiana Neuroscienze
La Società Italiana di Neuroscienze (SINS) ha come scopo principale quello di favorire l‛approfondimentodelle conoscenze del Sistema Nervoso e dei processi che sono alla base del comportamento, tramite un comune sforzo di ricercatori che operano anche in campi diversi e la facilitazione dell'integrazione delle ricerche, anche al fine di giovare alla salute dell'uomo. Essa è inoltre impegnata nel promuovere l'informazione e la formazione culturale e
scientifica nel campo delle Neuroscienze.
20   Link   British Neuroscience Association (BNA)
La British Neuroscience Association (BNA) è l‛ordine professionale del Regno Unito che rappresenta i
neuroscienziati e che si prodiga per una miglior conoscenza della fisiologia e della patologia del Sistema Nervoso.
I suoi membri comprendono scienziati esperti, titolari di cattedre universitarie o di incarichi in Istituti di
Ricerca ma anche studenti neolaureati. Le riunioni annuali della BNA, che si svolgono solitamente in primavera,
costituiscono la sede in cui vengono presentati gli studi più recenti. Molti gruppi locali, sparsi in tutto il paese,
tengono spesso dei seminari e organizzano attività per un pubblico non esperto, quali visite nelle scuole o mostre
nei musei locali.
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